Sunday, June 5, 2011

Calla Lily, Robert Mapplethorpe

Image Name: Calla Lily
Creator: Robert Mapplethorpe
Date: 1988
Medium: Platinum Print
Robert Mapplethorpe was significant in photography because of his work with male nude models, floral still images and pictures of children. I think that Robert Mapplethorpe is significant because he not only does not so tame images but also very tame images. I feel as though all of his images are smooth and well shot lighting and all. He specialized in creating all of his photos on fabric and luxurious cloth panels. Originally Mapplethorpe did not want to be a photographer but to create images of men from pornographic magazines from objects and paintings he had to turn to photography. Sam Wagstaff a curator, photography collector, and his eventual lover was very influential in Mapplethorpe’s photography.  Sadly, Robert Mapplethorpe passed away on March 9th, 1989 from complications to AIDS.

This photograph to me was very appealing to the eye because when you first look at it you can’t really tell exactly what it is, then after staring at it and looking at it for a few minutes you can tell that it is a flower.  I also think this photo is a really strong image because of the contrast between black and white, also because of the negative space that created how close the image is. I selected it because it wasn’t one of his not so tame images and because it was a picture of a flower, not just an ordinary flower that has flaws either it was literally a perfect flower.  When I look at this image I get instantly happy because when I look at flowers I think of love and happiness. It is powerful image because of the negative space and contrast between black and white.

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