Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sam Shere, The Hindenburg Disaster

2. Artist: Sam Shere
    Title:  The Hindenburg Disaster
    Date:  1937
    Medium: Silver gelatin print

3. Sam Shere was a news photographer during the 1930's. He was taking part in taking pictures of the Hindenburg landing as a publicity stunt. It was then where the aircraft burst into flames above their heads. At the time it happened he only had 2 images left to be taken on his roll. He was quoted saying "there wasn't time to lift it up to his eye he just shot it from the hip". Although similar photographs were taken of the event his images came to be known as "the most famous news photographs ever taken". On a rather unrelated note, the band Led Zepplin's first album cover featured his photograph on it.

4. well i was just flipping through that little book that i borrowed with all the random pictures in it and this one caught my eye. Several years ago i visited the air and space museum in Washington DC. while there i learned quite a bit about the Hindenburg. So this photo just kind of reminded me of what i learned and that trip and i thought it was pretty cool. As for the photo itself it is a really great shot for somthing that was not even properly aimed and of an even that happened in split seconds. 

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