Thursday, June 2, 2011

His Hashemite Highness King Abdullah, George Rodger

Information- George Rodger
Title-His Hashemite Highness King Abdullah
date unknown
George Roger was born in Great Britain in 1908. He joined the British Merchant Navy with whom he sailed the world twice from 1925-1929. While in the navy he wrote about his travels and became a self-taught photographer. The outbreak of World War Two inspired him to capture the spectacle of battle. His photographs landed him a job as a war correspondent for Life Magazine. He is most notable for being the first photographer to enter the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen just after Germany’s surrender; his photographs were highly influential in showing the reality of the War. He was also particularly interested in documenting tribal culture in South Africa, Uganda, and southern Sudan. In 1949 he was granted permission to spend time with tribes in Africa. Life Magazine once said, “George Roger has gone to more sweat and pain to get a few pictures than any other photographer.

I don't know if this photo really affects me in a huge way or even if it is that important but to me this is a very well taken photograph because of the way he did it. I picked this photo because i really enjoyed the way it was shot. He use a shallow depth of field by making the image blurry in the front and back but is sharp and focused on the king. I also really like how he developed the picture, making the blacks black and the whites white. The Kings face is my favorite part of the photograph because it has this element of thought to it and that makes me think that he didn't set this photo up....that it just happened. All in all, looking through George Roger’s work, he has become one of my favorite photographers.  

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