Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jerry N. Uelsmann, Floating Tree

2. Artist: Jerry N. Uelsmann
    Title: Floating Tree
    Date: 1969
    Medium: Silver Gelatin print

3. Uelsmann was a teacher of photography at the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1974. He is a fellow of the Royal Photographic society of Great Brittan. His works have been featured in more than 100 individual shows in the united states as well as abroad over the past 40 years. A lot of his works are composed of multiple image negatives being cut apart and put back together to create more elaborate pieces.

4. I personally like this piece a lot because its very creative in its composition and how it was made. He took the background and mirrored it down the middle then took pictures of trees and flipped two to create the "roots" of the floating trees to give them the appearance of floating  he then took an image of a bean pod and placed it in the water of the surrounding lake to create what almost seems to be a hole the water is floating into. this piece makes me think of a fantasy world that doesn't exist but makes you question it because it is well put together of real images.

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