Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Face of Today's Digital Cameras, John Burgess

The photograph title is “The Face of Today’s Digital Cameras” by John Burgess. Burgess was born in California. He is a famous photographer from San Francisco. Burgess started photography as an outdoor education instructor. After that he started to work as Santa Rosa’s Press Democrat editor. Burgess brings his expertise in location lighting to transform an ordinary scene into dynamic, graphic images. He understands the need to make adaptations in style to fit each subject. He is an important photographer because he is a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated and his work has appeared in dozens of publications. Burgess has won over 100 professional awards for his photography, and is a frequent speaker at many workshops on photography. He took some human face pictures at local camera shop. It transformed digital cameras into a human face. Burgess arranged and photographed their LCD screens to form a single face.

I love the picture because I was inspired from the picture. I usually take some pictures, when I go to local electronic store too. However, I have never thought like his arrangements. Moreover, there is an incredible point that it looks like a Transformer Robot. It was the most favorite thing for me. There are some great points too. Burgess chose grass men at the top left, but he didn’t choose grass man at the top right side. I guess I can’t think about the composition. Burgess also chooses different color and shape of cameras. I really like his choice that is the bottom one. It seems human face line. I also like blurred background. I also like blurred background. It is compared between the cameras and the background. I thought I want to learn this blurry and arrange techniques from the picture.

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  1. The creativity of the " Faces of Today's Digital Cameras" photo is unique way to personify our everyday life photo devices. Photo cameras, indeed became an integrated part of our life that carry our personality in the flow of history.

    This genre of photography is one of my top favorites. It takes spontaneity and the ability to use the resources that are available.