Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eggs Reflected and Multiplied, Carlotta M. Corpron

Title: Eggs Reflected and Multiplied
Artist: Carlotta M. Corpron
Date: 1948
Medium: Gelatin Silver Print

Carlotta M. Corpron was an American photographer that spent majority of her childhood in India.  During college, Carlotta was interested in learning more about Indian religion but more specifically Indian architecture, sculptures and art. It was during her teaching at University of Cincinnati that Carlotta began photographing and falling in love with it. However it wasn’t until she was asked to teach a photography class at Texas Woman’s University that she started becoming the artist she is today. It was during this time that she switched from photographing flowers, leaves and nature to light, distortion and reflection. Carlotta quickly fell in love with making shadows and playing with how different like looks over different objects and this is what she is best known for.  She likes to consider herself a designer with light and aspires to give her photographs life.
I selected this picture because I was really drawn to how the light reflects in the lines in the mirror behind the eggs.  Those lines add a great contrast to the ovals of the eggs in the foreground. Also, the lines in the floor make the oval eggs really pop out of the picture. I’m really drawn to how the light comes in like rays across the entire image. This is just such a great example of playing with light and distortion.  This picture makes me feel intrigued and curious as to why Carlotta chose eggs versus other round objects and just the mystery the shadows and the bends of the mirror create. If I were to change anything about this picture I think I would add another mirror facing the other mirror so the eggs would multiply even more and create even more illusion.

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