Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ophella, Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson was born in Brooklyn, NY, he was in a punk rock group called The Speedies. Crewdson studied photography at SUNY Purchase and received his Masters in Fine Arts from Yale University. Crewdson reminds me of Gustave Le Grey (pieced two photos together) and Henry Peach Robinson (pieced multiple photos together). His vision what of the photo is going to look like in the future is what amazes me. Planning the different layers to create an image I think if fascinating and difficult. Most of Crewdson photos represent small town America and depict subtle and disturbing images. He uses a large crew, props, and special lighting to stage his photos. Many of his images are derived from movies and various painters.

The reason I selected this photograph is because of the complexity of the layers and the lighting. I myself tried shooting different photos and layering or cutting the negatives to get a desired affect. This process for me very difficult, trying to match up natural lighting and framing is very much impossible at my skill level. This photo also has an eerie feeling to it; the photo could be interpreted into in so many different things. I feel the photo represents the drowning suburban housewives feel and their entrapment within their homes. Just beyond the reaches is the light that shines so strongly within the house. Much like the rest of his photos there is something surreal and at the same time disturbing in the image. I feel like every photograph is a single frame in a twilight episode.

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